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Questions about Monthly Flat Rate Plans

1. What services does the flat rate plan include?
The flat rate account include the following services: unlimited translations of the correspondence, receiving, sending, e-mail forwarding and written translations of letters into Russian, translation of letters into English, downloading any pictures from you.

2. Are there any letter limits?
No, you can send and receive as many letters as you wish during the paid period. Also, there are no limits for the size of a letter.

3. Are there any other charges?
There are no any other or hidden charges. You pay only a flat monthly fee for the translation service. If you need other services than translations and e-mail forwarding, you can order them and pay according to our prices.

4. Do you translate letters using software?
No, the correspondence is translated by professional translators with big experience.

5. Can I use your service to correspond with the ladies from different cities?
Yes, you can use our agency to correspond with ladies from any city or CIS country. We do mail forwarding by e-mail, international post, courier mail.

Questions about accounts

1. How to open an account?
To open an account you have to complete the form with general information about yourself  and send some money to your account. You can send money with a credit card, Western Union or bank transfer. As soon as we get your payment,  we will open an account for you.

2. What can I use my account for?
You can use your account to pay for correspondence, to give flowers and gifts, to order video films and photos, to order English lessons, to give cash to your lady, etc.

If you have an account at our agency, the cost of all letters and photos sent by you and by all your girlfriends is automatically charged to your account. We are sorry, but you cannot choose ladies for whom you pay and for whom you do not pay.

3. Account balance and statement
All services you order are listed in your account statement. You can get the statement of your account and see how you spend money at any time. To find out your current account balance and retrieve your account statement please e-mail info@ukrainian-woman.com

We also send the statement of the account when you have low deposit or negative balance. If it seems to you that we have made a mistake in your statement, please inform us about this and we will work it out.

The agency reserves the right to change your statement if some services were not included in your account.

4. Can I give monetary gifts to my lady?
Yes, you can but we do not recommend you to give money to your lady if you have not met her in person. We do not want to be involved in any kind of fraud and do not want women to use our agency intending to earn money. It is prohibited for women to ask for  money and to send their bank accounts to men. But, if you insist on giving cash, then you should do it through your account at our agency. We charge commission for cash gifts according to the rates shown here.

5. Can I change my account type?
Yes. If you would like to change your account type, please send your request to info@ukrainian-woman.com

6. Liability
We are not liable for any payments that you sent to your lady not through our agency. We also cannot control how your girlfriend will spend the money you sent her (for example, she can spend them for correspondence with other men).  Opening a bank account by your girlfriend can be a sufficient reason for her to be removed from our catalogue.

7. How to close the account?
To close the account, please send your request to info@ukrainian-woman.com and we will process it within 12 hours.

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