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Correspondence Tips

   Sometimes you probably think what to write to the lady who is thousands miles from you. How to express yourself so she could feel your personality, your hopes, dreams, etc. This material is a general information for the purpose of helping men when writing anyone.

First Letter Writing

   The idea of the first letter is to introduce yourself. You should tell her some biographical and personal information about yourself: your age, height, weight, occupation, hobbies and interests. The main thing is to give a clear idea of what sort of person you are so they’ll be able to decide if you appeal to them.

   You needn’t tell her everything about yourself in your first letter, that can wait till later letters as you slowly reveal more and more of yourself and build your relationship. If you’re finding it difficult to express yourself in your first letter, you might have a look at our sample letter.

Advanced Letter Writing

   Be polite and respectful in your letter and do not ask her about negative things you may have heard  about her country before. It could offend her. You should wait till you know each other better.

   Avoid using idioms, slang or colloquial references and long sentences because who knows how a foreign woman may interpret your writings.

   When you write a letter try to imagine words, phrases you would tell her speaking on the phone or if you were in the same room. Do not worry about things you want to say: just tell her about your job, friends, about the city or town you live in, what is like to live there, what rivers or lakes are near, what makes it unique and what its attractions are.

   Try not to write short letters. Tell her more about you, your life, family, relations so she could see your outer and inner life.

   Write her about some small things, details of your life. Do not write about it in general. Write her what you feel when you are lonely, when you see newly-married or children with their happy parents and so on.

   You should write frankly and openly. Be as honest about yourself as you can and speak from the heart. And if she is a right woman she will appreciate it and answer you just the same.

   This will help you put your conversation at the higher level of understanding and to create a strong relationship. Both of you will not waste your time in empty genteel correspondence. Moreover it may completely change your life and open you eyes on the things you have not seen before. It may become an addition source of inspiration for you and may put another vital aim before you...

The sample of the first letter

Hello ______ !


My name is _______. I came across through your ad in “Savanna” Introduction agency and wanted to write to you. I think you are very beautiful and I find you to be an especially attractive and charming lady.
Allow me to tell you more about myself. I am ___ years old, born on ___ in _____ . I am ____ tall and weight ____ . I live in a beautiful city of ____ . I come from a family with ____ brothers and ____ sisters.
Regarding my job, I work as a _____ . In my spare time I enjoy _________.
I am looking for a sweet and caring lady with a loving soul. I hope you will write me back if you are interested in me.
Please tell me more about yourself, your family, friends, your goals, etc.
Ask me any question. I would love to answer them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,


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