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   How to start?

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   First look through our pages with the ladies.  Choose ladies you are interested in, click on their photos to enlarge and read their personal information. Send them your free first letter by clicking "Send Letter" at the bottom of the lady's page. We highly recommend you to write some information about you and attach photos to the e-mails for women. You can also send flowers and small gifts together with your first letter.

Please, do not send Word files, html files or any other attachments !

   We would recommend you to write letters to several ladies, but then we advise you to choose one, two or three ladies and to correspond only with them. Otherwise, women may think that you are just a fun-seeker!

   Are Your Ladies Real?

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   We are a local legitimate and professional agency that was founded in 1999. We are working only with the women from our city of Vinnitsa and always screen the ladies. We know all ladies personally and we sign the contract with every lady that joins our agency.
   Why Ukrainian Women Seek Foreign Husbands?

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   Sometimes you may ask yourself why our women seek foreign men to become their husbands. Can it be that there is a shortage of men in Ukraine? Why are Ukrainian ladies interested in marrying foreigners and moving to other countries?

   There are several reasons for this. Of course, the first one is the economical situation over here. For her who has one or several jobs, receives very small salary (about $25-$70 per month) and perhaps cares about her child is very difficult to live here. She simply wants to make her life better and happier.

   Many of our women want to create a stable family, which many Ukrainian men cannot provide because of financial or other reasons. The divorce rate in Ukraine reaches  70 %.

   Some of our women who have been married before had a bad previous marriage experience  when there were no mutual understanding and devotion, when she perhaps was beaten by her ex-husband. Most of them just dream of a good and strong family, not of money and career. An ordinary Ukrainian woman simply wants to find a kind, sensitive and understanding husband who will treat her well and will be generally faithful to her.

   How to call a lady?

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   Sometimes you may be thinking that you are corresponding  not with a real, sweet lady but with some kind of “virtual” person. The best way to dispel your illusions and prove yourself that she really is sweet and true is simply to call her and hear her real voice.

   Before calling, be careful to take into account the time difference (Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time). It won’t be a pleasant surprise if you call her at 3 a.m.
Also find out if she knows English so she could speak and understand you. Some Ukrainian ladies don't speak English fluently and you can use our on-line telephone translation or Video Net Meeting service. In this case you should contact us by E-mail to arrange the exact day and time of your call.

   Below you can find the country code of Ukraine and a list of city-code numbers of most major Ukrainian cities. Consult your operator if the city code you want is not included in this list or if you have some problems with getting through.

Ukraine (country code: 380)

  Cherkassy 472   Odessa 48 Save on long distance calls to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries!
  Dnepropetrovsk 562   Rovno 360
  Ivano-Frankovsk 342   Sevastopol 692
  Kharkov 572   Vinnitsa 432
  Kiev 44   Yalta 60
  Lvov 322   Zaporozhye 61

   To make long calls from the US to Ukraine or other CIS countries we recommend you to use phone cards that will allow you to make inexpensive international phone calls worldwide. You can save up to 80% of your phone expenses using one of the calling cards we offer.

   If you would like your lady to call you, you can buy her a phone card (VINTEL) to make international phone calls from Ukraine.

   How can you get fresh photos of your woman? UP !

   Some women post very old photos. Besides, you want to see not only her face but also the whole figure, how she really looks like today. You want to see her in different postures  to get a better image of her and to avoid disappointment when you meet in person.

   You can order a photo album of your woman including pictures at home, with parents, friends, pets, at her work, different locations, etc. The pictures are taken by the professional photographer. This is one of the best ways to know the person you correspond with, to know her personality and her real life here. This will help both you and her know and understand each other better and can be a significant step in establishing a real serious relationship. You can order the pictures at the members section on our website.

   What gifts are appropriate?

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   You can give flowers, toys, cakes and candies to your woman. You should give only odd numbers of flowers (1,3,5,7 etc.) as even numbers are given only at funerals here.

Click here to visit our gift shop and send Flowers, Sweets and Gifts to the lady!

   It is not recommended to give a monetary gift to your lady until you meet her in person. Money spoils women! But there are some reasons when you can give money to your lady:

  • for English lessons
  • for paperwork
  • for new photos
  • for trip to meet you

   If your lady knows English it will be much easier to overcome the language barrier and make you first meeting more pleasant! But English lessons are expensive for the ladies, so it is recommended that you help them learn English.

  You have two options.

  • your lady can study English with our tutors 2-3 times a week.
  • you can give her a monetary gift $50 (+commission) and she will attend any other courses.

   We have English Learning Programs that are specially designed for women who are going to meet a foreign man soon. We can guarantee that your lady does study English and does not waste the money on something else. Obviously we cannot guarantee anything if you give her cash.

   How can you send money to your lady UP !

   According to our policy, you cannot send money directly to women. Well, you can spoil your future Russian lady in your country, but you are not allowed to spoil women at our agency until you meet her in person. If you insist on giving your woman a cash gift, you should transfer money through your account at our agency, and we will give her cash in grivnias, Ukrainian money. We charge 10-14% for commissions and taxes. If you have an account at our agency you can log in and give cash to the lady.

    Is it safe to pay by credit card? UP !

   Yes. It is not our agency who handles the money transfers through credit cards - that it is an independant recognised Netherland company called "Multicards"  (http://www.multicards.com). They provide secure credit card processing using PGP and SSL for your credit card safety.

Secure Credit card payments

Netscape Secure Server!

   Do you provide mail forwarding services? UP !
   Yes, we provide a wide range of mail forwarding services. You can use our service to correspond with the ladies that are not members of our agency and live in Vinnitsa or in another CIS city. We also offer postage stamps and envelops for the return mail from the lady.

Wide range of mail forwarding services and products are offered!

   Can I use your service to send a gift to a lady who is not a client of your agency? UP !

   Yes, you can use our service to send presents to a lady who is not a client of our agency. To do so, please, go to our gift shop and choose the gifts. On the order page you will see the form for your message for the lady. Please, write your message to the lady and indicate her address and phone (if available) and we will deliver the ordered gifts to her within 1-4 days depending on her location.

   Can I use your service to send a present to a lady who does not live in Vinnitsa?

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  Yes, we deliver gifts and flowers to any city in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The prices for the delivery are listed in the price-list.

   Do you send the confirmation when you make the delivery of the order?

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   Yes, after we deliver the gifts or flowers to the lady, we send the delivery confirmation signed by the lady. Click here to see the example.

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