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Fiancee Visa Services (K-1)

If you have already found that woman and decided to bring her to the US, you will have to apply for the fiancee visa (K-1) for her. For Ukrainian citizens it is a big problem to receive a travel or any other kind of visas to the USA. The fiancee visa is the best and the easiest solution for your lady.

Fiancee Visa Services (K-1)

Here you can order the documents and services necessary for you and your lady to get a fiancee visa. The process of receiving the fiancee visa may take from 3 to 6 months. Please, note that we can assist your

lady in collecting the documents only if she lives in Vinnitsa or its region.

The price for the complete fiancee visa paperwork is $899.00. If your lady has a child, it will be additional $249.00 fee for every child. Please, note that our fees do not include the INS fee for the petition for alien fiancee ($110.00) and the fee for the visa itself ($100.00). All other fees are included in the package price.

If your lady lives in other city then Vinnitsa, we advise you to order a set of documents with instructions for the fiancee visa to USA. It will help you with the paperwork and save you some time. Please, use the form below to make your order.


Fiancee Visa Services


Order Box

Fiancee Visa Paperwork Includes:
- paperwork for the fiancee visa to USA
- collection of the papers for the interview in US embassy
- translation and notarization of the papers for the lady
- transfer to and from the medical center in Kiev
- medical examination fee
- vaccination fees
- consultation services


If your lady has children, additional paperwork for every child is needed. Please, indicate the number of children. $249.00

Set of Documents for Fiancee Visa

Set of documents and instructions for the fiancee visa to USA. $99.00

If you have any questions about the fiancee visa, please e-mail at

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