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December 07, 2002

Our agency started operating on the 20th of March, 1999. Since that time we have had many men visiting our office. Most of them met the ladies of their dreams and already married, but some didn't. We all understand that finding a lifeparthner is not an easy task, but my staff and I always try to help men and support them in their search and do our best to offer the high level of services starting from correspondence and travel arrangements up to the useful personal advice when it is really needed.

I know that there are many men out there who are still single and hesitate to make one of the most important steps in their life towards happiness - to find a soulmate. I hope the comments and good testimonials that were written by men who had made this step and already found their happiness would encourage men who hesitate or probably loosing hope. Read the thoughts of other people and think of your life and your future. It is NOW when you should move on and change your personal life! Do not waste your time just waiting for a miracle, act now! Life rewards action!

My staff and I also want to thank the men that wrote the comments and testimonials for the kind words about our work. We appreciate this and we will keep providing and improving our service level.

Konstantin Savchuk
director, Savanna Intl.

I would like to say that my trip here will be an experience that I will never forget. The staff here at Savanna was always there to help if I needed it or asked for it. I have learned many things here that I can take back and share with my friends and family. The uniqueness that this country has can and should be shared by everybody that visits this great place. I would like to say to Savanna and to all the wonderful people that I met while I was here thanks for the wonderful memories.

Andy Hall
Cape Canaveral, FL

After finding the agency by accident in the net I thought ‘why not’. It was a great choice, the staff are always very helpful and polite to deal with, and the prices are good. I have found a special lady now, and as I write this we have just finished our first holiday together. I look forward to coming back and spending more time with Oksana, and for one day her to come to live in England.

 N. Harradine

Auguest 9, 2000

I met my Olga threu this agency on the internet.
After a few week mailing her I decided to telephone her twice a week. I became to like her better and better.
When the day came for our meeting I was not nervous at all, but she was. After two week together in Holland we went together to Vinnitsa to continue our vacation. The weather was very good and I believe we will have a very good time here. 

Mario v. Alphe

September 30, 2000

I am very happy to be in Ukraine. The people here are very friendly and sincere. I really feel at home in Vinnitsa. I have so much love and respect for Ukraine that I waited for 3 years for my visa. I would like to come here again. I hope and think that Vinnitsa will become my second home.
I have been in touch with Savanna agency for the last 2 years. It is a serious and responsible agency making pairs. I am satisfied with their work. The people here are friendly and co-operative. They try their best to help their clients. I pray for the prosperity of this agency.



October 28, 2000

Friendly people, I will never forget it. Proffetinal service.
Thanks all of you.

Olof Gisslen

December 10, 2000

This is my second visit to Vinnitsa, and I consider the Savanna girls to be my personal friends. In both friendship and professionalism they are of high class, and my visits here would have been much less precious without them.

Professional service,
skilled interpreters,
good people – very good friends.

All the best wishes,

Thomas Bomberg

September 12, 2001

I have a wonderful time at Vinnitsa City. My trip will not be successful without Savanna.
Certainly, Savanna is recommended to all ho are looking for love and companions. Savanna has the keys to open your hearts and souls.
A new horizon is opened at landscape of Vinnitsa City for people visiting here. The ladies are beautiful and very compassionated, specially with the help of Savanna professional staff.
I also like and enjoy the life here, including dining, music and dancing. When I walk on the streets and central park, I feel I am at my home town.
Especially, I am very grateful for Savanna International efforts to make everything possible for me.

Best Regards,
Yang Lin Camillus

January 11, 2002

I can only say that everything related to Savanna and my meeting here with Yulya is perfect. Irina, Konstantin, Natasha… are all excellent and trustful people. I recomend anyone who likes anyone of the girls at Savanna web site to trust in Savanna staff because their hospitality and treatment are excellent.

Juan Jose Fernandez

January 30, 2002

Thank you for your considerable help and professional service. I have been well served by your staff at both professional and personal level. I wish you success in bringing lashing happiness and the joy to many who would otherwise miss it in this life. May God guide you in your work.

Carl Fork
Austin, TX USA

February 11, 2002

It is quite simple,
ganz einfach:
           Eine gluekliche Fuegung - in jeder Hinsicht – was die Frau meines Herzens
-Solneshka - betrift, und die freundlich-menschlich-kompetente Savanna-staff…

ganz einfach:
         Herzlichen Dank –
         werde Euch sicher nicht vergessen….

Felix Boerner

February 15, 2002

Hiermit moechte ich mich sehr herzlich fuer die grossartige Betreuung und Unterbringung bedanken. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt, und werde die Agentur gern weiterempfehlen.
Ihre Dienste sind mit Geld gar nicht aufzuwiegen. Sie machen ihre Kunden gluecklich! Ohne Ihre Hilfe haette ich Galina niemals kennengelernt. Und da, waere wirklich schade gewesen.

Joachim Muehler


March 25,  2002

I must say that this has been a trip beyond beleaf. All your staff and yourself have gone 1000% further than needed but did this for me. I will never forget all that everyone has done and the most exciting time of my life. I have been with several Companies but yours is by far the best and I can recommend you highly. It has been much more than business as I know I have made friends for life. Thank you for helping me find the girl of my dreams so it does have a happy ending. It does not matter how many times you try to climb the mountian but that you reach the top, and I have finally reached it. Lives are changed through your agency and I will be forever grateful! I will be back soon, but may be not so exciting next time. Take care and I will be sending much business.

David Starkey

April 9, 2002

So it was very nice time when I spend in Vinnitsa with Savanna and also with people in Vinnitsa. I would like to thank special Konstantin, Natasha and Svetlana because they help me to find my love in Vinnitsa. Maybe I will be at short time again here.
Thanks for all.


November 22, 2002

Having had some knowledge of the former Soviet Union, I had no pre-conceptions about coming to Ukraine, and have always kept an open mind as to the West’s view of the region, and its bias against its people. I have found everybody within Savanna very friendly, easy going and attentive to my needs, and I am very impressed with the level of service provided, which is both professional and tailored to be individual, without any hidden costs included. I have found subsequently walking around the city of Vinnitsa, that it is a very beauty place, interesting and full of architectural features, as well as also being safe to walk around within the city, and have not felt uneasy doing so. The people of the Ukraine are helpful and hospitable and in my shame of not being able o speak the native tongue were still able to help me, when I ventured out into the streets and got lost!!
The city of Vinnitsa is a vibrant, bustling city with a mix of culture, and industries, that is the any of any city in the world. So if you are thinking of visiting Ukraine I would sincerely consider using Savanna International, and their team, without them I would not even been able to achieve anything.

Well done team!!

Colin Coulsen

Ukrainian Dating Service