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We would like to give you some additional information about our city and Ukraine. Hope this information will help you to prepare for your trip more properly.

- Language. In Ukraine people speak two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. Most of the people do not know English. Before coming to Ukraine we advise you to learn some basic phrases that could help you to communicate in the shops or other places. It is also a good idea to take a book with simple Russian/Ukrainian phrases. For the first 2-3 days we recommend you to take one of our interpreters as a guide and personal assistant. She will help you to research the city and make your stay comfortable.

- Your Passport. Always carry your passport with you when you are in Ukraine. Do not give your passport to anyone, except our workers in special cases (for different paperwork, buying tickets etc.).

- Exchanging Money.In Ukraine we use Ukrainian currency called Hryvnya to make payments for products and services. So, if you have US dollars you should convert them into Ukrainian currency. You can exchange the money for Hryvnya in the banks or at the market. You can get the best exchange ratio if you exchange the money in the market. There the exchange ratio is about 2% higher than in the local banks. But exchanging money in the markets can be dangerous and you risk to be cheated. We recommend you to exchange the money in the market if you have a Ukrainian friend with. It is better to give the money to your Ukrainian friend to exchange it. If you are alone and do not have a friend, we highly recommend you to exchange the money at a bank or bank affiliates.

- Credit Cards and ATMs. There are many ATMs in our city and you will not have any problems cashing the money using ATMs. As for the shops and restaurants, some of them accept credit cards, but most of them do not. So, if you plan to go to a shop or restaurant, take cash with.

- Traveler's Checks. Not all the banks accept traveler's checks in Ukraine. We have a few banks that can offer you such a service. Ask any worker of the agency to what bank you can go to cash the checks. The banks charge 3 % for cashing traveller's checks and it usually takes about 40-50 minutes because of much paperwork and lines in the bank.

- Transportation. We have the following public transportation in Vinnitsa: trams, trolleybuses, buses, minibuses and taxi. There is no underground in the city. The most popular types of transportation in the city are minibuses and trams. Buses are not widely used in Vinnitsa. If you are with a lady, we advise you to take a taxi.

- Crossing a road. Be careful when you cross the road on the pedestrian crossing. Most often cars will not stop and will not allow you to cross the road. Do not expect a car to stop if your cross the road and there are traffic lights. It is better to wait till the car goes by and then cross the road. Otherwise you risk to be hit if the car does not stop.

- Water. We do not recommend you to drink water from our water pipes. We recommend you to boil it before usage or better go to the nearest shop and buy a mineral water to make tea or prepare some food. In our shops most of the water is with the bubbles, so if you do not like this type of water you can buy a big bottle of water (5 liters) and use it for making food and tea. The water in big bottles is without bubbles. They also sell water with bubbles in smaller bottles, so ask the seller if the water you want to buy is really what you want.

- Hot water. For many people coming to Ukraine it is unusual when there is no hot water and people cannot have a shower. In summertime they often turn off hot water, so be ready for this. In our apartment we have a water heater that will provide you with hot water 24 hours a day.

- Hotels. There are about 9 hotels in our city. Most of the hotels are old fashioned and have not been rebuilt since the Soviet Union time. We have only two hotels that we can recommend to men coming to Vinnitsa. They are 3 star hotels "Zhovtneviy" and "Podillya". The lowest price for a room is $30.00 per night. Some rooms have a conditioner. Hotels are located in the center of the city.

- Apartment. Most of the men that come to Ukraine prefer to stay in an apartment. We offer a new modern 2 room apartment in the center of the city with a water heater, stove, satellite TV, phone, conditioner, washing machine. Apartment makes the stay in Ukraine more comfortable and pleasant. The price for the apartment is $35.00 per night. For long periods of stay discounts are possible. Click here to see the photos of the apartment.

- Electric Power. The voltage is 220 V Sometimes they can switch off the electricity, but again this happens very rarely, may be 1-3 times a year. If the electric power disappears, do not be afraid, they will turn it on within next 15 minutes or at worst within next 3 hours.

- Street Phones. If you would like to use street phones, you will have to buy a phone card to use them. The price for the phone card depends on its value. A card for 60 minutes will cost about $1.10. The street phones can be used for local and long distance phone calls. You can buy phone cards at post offices, in kiosks, shops and supermarkets.

- International calls. If you would like to make an International call, we recommend you to use a prepaid phone card for International phone calls. The regular rates for long-distance phone calls are high in Ukraine, for example 1 min to USA is $2.50. Using prepaid phone cards will save you much money. If you use a phone card, 1 min to US would cost you only $0.30-$0.35 You can buy the prepaid phone card for long distance phone calls at the central supermarket on the first floor and in other shops of the city.

- Shops and markets. There are many shops and a few markets in the city. In Ukraine people mostly use markets to buy water, meat, food, clothes and many other things. We have 3 big markets in the city: the Central Market, Urozhai and Yunost'. In the markets the prices for the products and goods are usually lower than in shops and supermarkets and you can also bargain with the seller for the best price.

- Theaters and Cinemas. We have 2 cinemas and one theatre in the city. The first cinema is called after a famous Ukrainian writer Kotsyubinskiy. This is a modern cinema with two cinema halls: green and red one. The cinema is located in the main street of the city called Sobornaya street. The price for a ticket is $2.00 The films they show in the cinemas are in Russian. The second cinema is the "ULTRA". This is a digital cinema with the DOLBY surround. We also have a very nice and big theater in Vinnitsa called after Russian dramatist Sadovskiy.

- Crime rate. Some foreign newspapers or TV say that it is very dangerous to come to Ukraine. During our 4-year experience in the travel and dating business we have not had any incidents and everybody returned home safely. We have crimes in Ukraine, but not as much as people say abroad.

- Ukrainian Money and Customs. If you leave Ukraine and still have some Ukrainian currency (hryvnya) - leave the money to your lady - you are not allowed to take Ukrainian money abroad and they will take it at the customs or you will have to change it for USD at the airport rate that is not a good one.

- Presents. When you are coming to Ukraine, it is recommended to bring some presents to the lady and people whom you intend to meet in Ukraine. These are not necessarily expensive presents, but some candies, souvenirs or stuff like this.

- Money. In Ukraine men pay for everything. If you go to a restaurant, take a taxi, etc. you have to pay for everything.

- Money for the lady. If you like the lady and you go back to your country, it is recommended to give the lady some money ($50.00-$100.00)

- Airport. When you arrive at the airport and the person that was going to meet you is not there - try to use the phone and find out what has happened and why he or she is late. Avoid talking to taxi drivers at the airport as they will cheat you not only on the transfer price, but even on the mobile phone calls. They can charge you up to $10.00 per 1 minute for using their mobile phone. Go to the inquiry booth, ask for a phone card and make a call from the phone booth.

- Winter. We have cold and snowy winters. The temperature can be down to - 27 C and we have much snow. When you plan to come to Ukraine in winter, take warm clothes and a hat with. Our streets are not cleaned from the snow properly, so walking in the streets can be very slippery in wintertime.

The Most Popular Cafes, Restaurants and Nightclubs in Vinnitsa

We have many cafes, restaurants and nightclubs in our city. Here is the list of the most popular ones:

- Restaurant "Izhko" The restaurant is located in the center of the city, near our office and the biggest supermarket in Vinnitsa. The restaurant offers Ukrainian food. One can have a nice lunch for $5.00 only. This is a self-service restaurant. You can use it if you wish to have a quick meal.

- Restaurant and Night Club "Metro". It is located in the same area, but offers much better food. In a daytime it can be used for meetings with women and at night you can take your lady there and have a dance till 4 a.m. The average price for a lunch is about $15.00 for 1 person.

- Restaurant and Night Club "Europa". The restaurant is located in our picturesque central park and 5 minutes walk from our office or apartment. In summer it offers tables outside. This is the ideal place to meet with a lady. We highly recommend you to visit it. The food is very delicious and at night you can enjoy music and dance with your lady.

- Restaurant "Versal" The restaurant is located about 5 km outside the city. This is a new restaurant with a very nice design and good food. Highly recommended.

- Night Club "Kursal" This is one of the best night clubs in the city with nice music. It is recommended if you like to dance till the morning. Working hours are from 6 p.m. till 6 a.m.

- Cafe "Taras Bulba" The cafe is made in Ukrainian style and offers Ukrainian dishes. If you visit Vinnitsa, we recommend you to visit this place. You will hear live Ukrainian music and get Ukrainian homemade moonshine for free! Perfect place for a romantic evening and private talks.

- Restaurant "777". One of the best restaurants in the city. Nice food and live music. You can also sing songs if you like.

- Restaurant "Shanghai" Chinese restaurant with many Chinese dishes.

- Night club "Sport Time" Modern night club in the center of the city. Very comfortable and nice looking. Good for spending evenings and for people who like active lifestyle.

If you visit a restaurant or cafe, the tips are usually already included in your bill. They usually add about 10-15% from the order as tips, but in any case, if you wish, you can leave some tips in the amount of 10-15 hryvnyas.

Airports in Ukraine

We have an airport outside Vinnitsa, but it is old fashioned and not working for more then 10 years. So, when you plan your trip to Ukraine, you should consider the following airports in Ukraine:

- Boryspil Airport in Kiev. Boryspil airport is the largest and most popular international airport in Ukraine. Boryspil is located 20 km away from the capital of Ukraine - Kiev and 300 km away from Vinnitsa. This is the only modern airport in Ukraine rebuilt in 2000 and mainly for the International flights. The customs and workers at the airport speak English. You can also use baggage carts for free. The average time to get to Vinnitsa from Boryspil airport is 4 hours by car. We offer transfer service by car for $100.00. Boryspil airport is the closest airport to our city and we advise you to use it when you plan your trip to Ukraine.

Contact information:
Airport website:
Tel: + 380 44 296 7243, 296 7609, 490 4777

- Odessa International Airport. The airport in Odessa is the second largest airport in Ukraine, but it is not so close to Vinnitsa as Boryspil airport. Odessa airport is located 450 km far from Vinnitsa and it usually takes about 7-8 hours to get to Vinnitsa by car. If you cannot get a flight through Boryspil airport in Kiev, then consider Odessa to be your second choice. We offer transfer by car from Odessa to Vinnitsa for $160.00
The main structures of the Airport (runway, aircraft parking lots, passenger terminal complex, service and engineering facilities, cargo terminal, etc...) have been built between 1960 and 1961. The air terminal complex serves Ukrainian and international passengers.

Contact Information:
Airport website:
Tel.: +380 482 379800, 499715

- Lviv International Airport. This airport is rarely used by tourists. Use it if you plan to visit western part of Ukraine. The airport is old fashioned and can serve only 300 passengers per hour. The airport is located 480 km far from Vinnitsa. We offer transfer service from Lviv airport to Vinnitsa for $170.00

Contact Information:
Airport site:
Tel.: + 380 322 692316, 692216

Other airports in Ukraine are in Simferopol, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Ivano-Frankivsk

If you have any other questions or additional information, please, feel free to send your e-mail to

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